7 Risk Factors for Insulin Resistance

7 Risk Factors for Insulin Resistance

According to an estimate, over 60 million Americans suffer from insulin resistance. This condition can disrupt various bodily functions and affect one’s quality of life. The patients of this illness maintain a high level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. High blood pressure is also common in obese individuals with insulin resistance. Without necessary treatment and traditional medicinal health foods, it can worsen over time. Certain adjustments in your diet and lifestyle may reduce the risk of this disease, and here are a few of these recommended habits.

1. Obesity

Keeping your BMI to a suggested limit can help you achieve optimal health. An unhealthy weight increases your risk for many diseases, including insulin resistance. Reduce the chances of developing this condition by monitoring your weight and calorie intake.

2. Lack of Exercise

Sufficient daily activity can prevent many illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance. Balance your carbohydrates intake with cardio exercises to avoid these problems.

3. Unhealthy Diet

A diet rich in fats can be damaging for the heart and liver. Insulin resistance is common among individuals with extremely unhealthy diets. Make room for proteins and fiber in your diet to stay healthier and free of health issues.


4. Gestational Diabetes

One in ten pregnant women in America suffers from this illness at some point during the gestational period. It increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance years after the pregnancy.


PCOS affects about 5 million women in the US and ranks as the top reason for infertility. This illness is incurable, but its symptoms can be managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

6. Family History

If diabetes is common in your genetic family, your chances of developing insulin resistance further increase. Certain early measures can be taken to prevent both of these diseases.

7. Smoking

Smoking has been proven to be the culprit behind many serious illnesses. This habit makes it harder for your liver to function should be avoided.

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