3 Things to Consider When Buying Herbal Teas

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Healthy herbal teas are popular globally. People looking for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet often consume herbal teas daily. The continuous research and improvements in technology are helping us understand the efficacy of such herbal teas. Due to the rise in demand, many suppliers claim to provide organic and pure herbal teas for consumption.

However, not all herbal teas are of good quality. Buying poor-quality tea is a waste of money and can have adverse effects on your health. It can be hard to see the difference between good and bad quality herbal tea. All is not lost; witha bit of investigation, you can gauge the quality of herbal tea. Let’s look at some things to consider before buying a quality herbal tea.


The freshness of the herbs in your tea can determine the quality of your herbal tea. Freshness indicates the level of nutrients present in the product. Herbs need to be processed carefully to ensure that they maintain a level of freshness. The drying method needs to be spot on to keep their unique flavor and compounds that provide the various health benefits.

Herbal teas have a shelf life and should not be consumed over that period as they wouldn’t provide you with the same benefits. They should be consumed fresh and shouldn’t sit on your shelf for too long. Cut and whole herbs tend to stay fresher than powder so consider using that. Loose tea leaves are better than tea bags because they are less processed. Good quality herbs will keep the freshness intact once you open the packet. You’d know by the smell of the herbs whether it is fresh or not before even drinking it!

Go Organic

A lot of research claims that pesticides are proving quite harmful for humans when sprayed on herbs and other food. To get the most benefits from your herbal tea, it is advised to choose an organic one. Consider opting for a USDA-certified organic supplier. If you’re ordering your tea from overseas, check whether the company uses sustainable or organic practices. By looking at the company website, you can figure out which direction the company is taking and how organic are the products they supply.

Consider Small Batches

Another factor to consider when buying herbal teas is to look for small manufacturers. Large manufacturers who provide a large selection of herbal tea might compromise on the quality and efficacy of such products. In saying that, some do provide quality products, but you’d be better off considering a small manufacturer who makes tea in small batches. Quality is easily controlled when manufacturing small batches, and it will ensure that your tea is fresh and full of the health benefits you’re looking for!

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