5 Tips to Manage High Blood Sugar With Healthy Habits

5 Tips to Manage High Blood Sugar With Healthy Habits

About 11% of the US population has been declared diabetic by the CDC. This health condition comes with many problems that require lifestyle changes. Most of these patients struggle to keep their blood sugar at a recommended level. The symptoms of diabetes can take a turn for the worst if blood sugar fluctuates too often. Aside from taking medicine, there are many natural ways to make the life of a diabetes patient easier. Here are some tips you can use to keep your blood sugar low.

1. Limit Carbohydrates Consumption

Carbs can be the biggest reason for uncontrollable blood sugar in diabetic patients. They make up more than half of an average American’s daily diet. Combined with low physical activity, it can have a debilitating impact on your health at any stage of life. By increasing the portion of proteins in your diet, you can replace unhealthy carbs. Drinking tea for managing blood sugar is also a natural and effective treatment for diabetics.

2. Break Down Your Meals

Instead of eating a few large portions of food, you should eat healthy snacks periodically. Distribute your calorie intake throughout each part of your day. This habit will help you avoid any spikes in blood sugar and reduce your dependency on medicine.


3. Get Enough Sleep

Managing daily sleep is essential to keep your mind and body healthy at any age. Lack of quality sleep has been linked with obesity, diabetes, and other related illnesses. Irregular sleeping patterns can cause insulin resistance and complicate the symptoms of diabetes. Adopt healthy bedtime routines like drinking a natural healing tea to help resolve any sleep problems.

4. Manage Your BMI

All people with diabetes must keep a close eye on any fluctuations in their weight. Maintaining a healthy BMI can be an easy way to avoid blood sugar increases.

5. Always Have Breakfast

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day for valid reasons. Having a breakfast rich in protein and fiber can help people with diabetes reduce the chances of insulin resistance and low blood sugar.

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