A Guide to Beating Cancer Through Natural Supplements

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Cancer is one of the most life-changing, overwhelming, and stress-inducing illnesses. Many patients often lose hope and cannot fully fight off the disease. The good news is that there are now various options to beat the condition. While some patients are comfortable with conventional treatment options, others choose natural supplements to beat cancer.

If you’re wondering what natural supplements you can take to minimize or prevent the risk of cancer, here are three of them to get you started:


One natural supplement that has frequently proven effective in fighting cancer is curcumin. Research in clinical trials and labs indicates how this natural supplement has the power to shrink tumors and eliminate cancer cells in humans and animals. It’s undoubtedly an excellent herb for people trying to fight cancer.

However, its efficacy significantly depends on the amount you’re consuming. If you seek its anti-cancer benefits, it’s good to frequently consume foods made with curry and curcumin. Since curcumin is made with turmeric, it offers substantial cancer protection when consumed regularly.

People with a family history of cancer can benefit from curcumin more than others.

Green Tea

Another supplement that can help with cancer is green tea. Green tea consists of antioxidants that prevent cancer cells from further growing. A study among Chinese people showed how drinking green tea every day could reduce the risk of getting esophageal cancer.

Apart from helping with cancer, green tea is also an effective supplement for lowering anxiety and reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Tea

Lastly, one of the best natural supplements that you can count on for fighting cancer is the Agaricus Blazei Mushroom. This is a popular medicinal mushroom with many physical and therapeutic benefits. Doctors frequently prescribe ABM extracts for cancer patients.

The best way to consume this mushroom is in the form of tea or granules. It’s because these granules consist of 100% of the mushroom’s fruiting bodies, ensuring that you make the most out of its benefits.

It’s safe to say that the Agaricus Blazei Murill mushrooms come with an exceptional amount of advantages in fighting illnesses like cancer. However, many people struggle to determine the best way to consume these mushrooms and their fruiting bodies. An excellent way to meet this goal is by consuming the Agaricus mushroom tea granules available at ABM-Tea.

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