Effective Natural Remedies for Chemotherapy Side Effects

Effective Natural Remedies for Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy side effects are a cause of great concern amongst people who have cancer. Even though the process aims to treat cancer and help people recover from the deadly disease, it can also have serious side effects. Chemotherapy aims to wipe out cancer cells, but in the process can also affect healthy cells that result in various symptoms.

Hair loss, nausea, constipation, stomach pain, and mouth sores are some of chemotherapy's most common side effects. Many look for natural chemotherapy treatments and supplements to help with the side effects. Let’s look at some effective natural remedies to help counter the chemotherapy side effects.

Use Ginger

Ginger is used quite extensively to counter the chemotherapy side effects. Studies have shown that the products exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties that can help cure cancer and arean excellent natural remedy for the side effects. Avoid using ginger supplements because of their heavy concentration levels. These levels reduce the efficacy of ginger in helping with side effects. Cut up a fresh piece of ginger and add it to your diet. Maintain a balance as excessive ginger usage may affect your blood sugar levels.

Keep Mouth Hydrated

One of the most significant side effects of chemotherapy is leaving you with a dry mouth. Radiation to the head and neck can cause this to occur. Drink plenty of water before eating and take small sips of water during meals. Don’t try and choke in dry foods as they have adverse effects. Try dipping your sandwiches or crackers with sauces, or have liquid foods such as soups. Try to make pasta with a lot of sauce, as it would make it easier to eat.

Oral Cryotherapy

Another side effect of chemotherapy is mouth sores. People receiving fluorouracil chemotherapy often struggle with mouth sores. A good way to help with the side effect is to practice oral cryotherapy or the topical application of ice. You can help cool your mouth by using ice, drinking ice-cold water, having popsicles, or even ice cream! The cold temperature helps narrow the blood vessels that reduce the blood flow to the mouth. However, you should always consult your doctor before deciding to go with oral cryotherapy.  


Honey has also been quite popular amongst people going through chemotherapy. Researchers have found that honey contributed to a decrease in radiation-induced mucositis. Excessive use of honey may promote cavity, and you need to follow good oral hygiene to ensure that your teeth are healthy.

Organic Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Supplement

Agaricus blazei mushroom is also known to provide therapeutic properties to help in chemotherapy treatments. The mushroom is native to Brazil, and there have been extensive studies in finding out the efficacy of this healing tea for cancer.

If you’re wondering where to find this natural healing tea, then check out the product provided by ABM-Tea. Our natural supplement will be the perfect companion in getting help with chemotherapy side effects.

Add the granules to hot water, stir and sip the refreshing and healthy tea. Apart from cancer, our tea can help with various other ailments, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Check out our website to learn more.

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