Some of the Best Foods to Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

Some of the Best Foods to Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

High blood sugar levels and diabetes are becoming more common in people nowadays. Their bodies don’t seem to produce enough insulin that allows glucose to accumulate in the blood. People suffering from such ailments often resort to having low glycemic index foods to help control their blood sugar levels. In extreme instances, people often take insulin supplements to check their high blood sugar levels.

People have also used Agaricus blazei murill for diabetes, a mushroom found in Brazil. Please note that there is no conclusive evidence that eating certain types of food can help reduce blood sugar levels. Speak to your doctor before deciding to consume any supplement. In saying that, here are some of the best foods for people who want to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Some Kinds of Bread

Bread usually hasa high glycemic index, and people with diabetes are often recommended to avoid eating bread. However, pumpernickel bread and 100% stone-ground whole wheat bread have a low glycemic index, which makes it favorable for people with diabetes. Thisbreadundergoes less processing compared to other whole wheat bread. The fiber compound in these bread helps in slowing digestion and stabilizes high blood sugar levels.


You can enjoy eating certain fruits if you have high blood sugar levels. Pineapples and melons have high glycemic levels; others have lower. Most fresh fruits have lots of water and fiber that balances their natural sugar, fructose. However, it is essential to keep in mind that as fruits ripen, their GI index increases. So make sure to consume fruits before they fully ripen. Fruits such as apples, apricots, grapefruit, peaches, and plums are healthy and can be eaten frequently.


Seafood can also help in reducing your high blood sugar levels. Fish and shellfish are good sources of protein, essential and healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that can help regulate sugar levels. Protein has proven to be essential in blood sugar control. It slows down the digestion process and prevents post-meal high-sugar levels. Eating seafood also helps you maintain your diet levels and promotes body fat loss, which is essential to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Pumpkin and Its Seeds

Another popular supplement that may help regulate blood sugar levels is pumpkin and its seeds. People living in countries such as Mexico and Iran have traditionally used pumpkin in their diets to maintain their sugar levels, and it has proven to be a traditional diabetic remedy. Also, pumpkin seeds are full of healthy fats and proteins that help maintain blood sugar levels.

Another underrated blood sugar control remedy is the Agaricus mushroom. As mentioned, the popular supplement has been extensively used by people in maintaining their blood sugar levels. It can come in the form of capsules, or you can also buy Agaricus-infused healthy herbal tea from ABM-Tea.

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