Tea-rrific Gift Ideas for the Tea Lovers in Your Life

Tea-rrific Gift Ideas for the Tea Lovers in Your Life

Why wait for Christmas or birthdays to make the important people in your life feel special? You can give them gifts anytime to show your love and care. The tea experts at ABM Tea have prepared the ultimate gift guide for the tea lovers in your life. Whether it’s a friend, partner, parent, etc., there’s something tea-rrific in this list that you can gift them.

Another great thing about this list is that you can easily shop online for all this stuff without any hassle.

Box of Assorted High-Quality Tea Bags

What better way to treat a tea lover than giving them a box full of tea? Take it up a notch by gifting some high-quality, fancy teas. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need much effort to find teas from around the world. Many online tea shops offer premium quality tea boxes with a huge variety.

Matcha Tea Set

A matcha tea set is a must-have in every tea lover’s collection. Whether they drink matcha or not, introducing them to this set and tea will be the best thing ever. These sets usually contain the following items:

  • Bamboo chasen, a tea whisk specifically made for matcha tea powder to mix it properly
  • Ceramic chawan, tea bowl
  • Serving bamboo scoop
  • Some items that help enhance the matcha tea making and drinking process

You can also give them some matcha if they haven’t tried it. This tea is quite popular because of its caffeine kick (without the crash) and antioxidative properties that help people lead healthier lives.

Electric Kettle

It can get quite annoying to make fresh tea, again and again, especially for the ones who drink it a lot. Also, true tea enthusiasts only drink fresh tea brewed and steeped with the right method, not the quick microwaved tea. Why not make their life easier by gifting them an electric kettle?

These kettles are so convenient and come with many exciting features such as adjustable and accurate temperature control, keeping warm, and a sleek design to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen counter. Some kettles also have a Wi-Fi feature that allows the users to control them with their phones. All they need to do is add water, set the temperature, and do their tasks. It will boil the water at the accurate temperature and keep it warm till they come and get it.

Also, this kettle isn’t only for tea; they can also use it for making coffee. So if you don’t mind giving a fancy gift, get an electric kettle.

Cute Mug

Tea mugs are not as ordinary as they seem. Habitual tea/coffee drinkers only like to drink it from their favorite mug and get emotionally attached to it. You can customize a mug in many ways, from adding a unique design to a personalized message, and they will treasure it forever. Whether they need a quick pick-me-up in the morning or herbal tea to soothe their nerves at night, this tea mug will always remind them of you. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet special gift, a cute mug will be the perfect option.

Kintsugi Pottery

For those of you who don’t know, kintsugi is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with an adhesive dusted with powdered silver, gold, or platinum. If you’re someone who loves art and craft, you can try this with any broken crockery or get something (tea-related) from the store, break it and make this art. This whole process is quite stress-relieving and also creates a stunning décor piece. This isn’t your typical gift; it’s thoughtful, unique, and pleases both the giver and the receiver.

Handmade Tea Tins

While we are on the topic of crafty gifts, you can also consider gifting handmade tea tins. Multiple ready-made options are available online and feature beautiful designs close to different cultures. You can also paint standard steel tins yourself and turn these boring tins into a not-so-boring gift.

Zodiac Inspired Blend

Zodiac-related things are always interesting, whether someone is into astrology or not. You can surprise your tea-enthusiast friend with a tea blend according to their zodiac sign. Many tea shops offer blends according to the zodiac, for example, mango, ginger, and lime tea for Scorpio, something comfortable like rosehips, rooibos, and chamomile tea for Cancer, etc. You can also create a blend by getting different herbs and teas according to the giftee’s preferences and zodiac sign.

Organic Healthy Tea

Tea lovers always like to try new teas, and you can gift them something healthy and unique like our ABM Tea. It is made from a medicinal mushroom called Agaricus blazei murill and contains all the good stuff for your body. Research shows that ABM can help with fighting emotional and physical stress, improving immune system, managing blood sugar and blood pressure, and it can also help prevent severe diseases like cancer, hepatitis B, etc.

We offer a premium box of tea granules extracted from the high-quality fruiting bodies of the Agaricus mushroom. This box is perfect for gifting and comes with 30 ABM tea packets. Place an order from our website or call us to learn more about this healthy tea.

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