The Effects of Leukemia on the Body and Ways of Treatment

The Effects of Leukemia on the Body and Ways of Treatment

Leukemia has been diagnosed in hundreds of thousands of patients around the US. It is a form of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. Its painful symptoms mostly appear long before diagnosis and can worsen with time. Even after receiving curative treatment, patients with leukemia can suffer from many health problems. There are four types of leukemia, and each affects the patient differently. Here are some of the common problems caused by this disease and ways to reduce them.

1. Fatigue

The patients with leukemia feel exhausted and tired regularly. This problem can be reduced after diagnosis and treatment. Organic Agaricus Blazei mushroom has been proven effective in keeping leukemia patients functional and refreshed. Daily intake of Agaricus Blazei tea may help reduce this symptom in the longer run.

2. Decreased Appetite

Leukemia patients often struggle to maintain a healthy appetite. Certain traditional medicinal healthfoods can improve the eating habits of cancer patients and help in speedy recovery.

3. Hair Loss

Chemotherapy kills many rapidly-dividing cells in the body, including hair follicles. This is why hair loss is common for most cancer patients, including leukemia patients. This problem resolves naturally soon after chemotherapy and doesn’t require any treatment.


4. Neuropathy

Neuropathy refers to a sensation of numbness and pain in the nerves. This condition may persist long after receiving treatment for cancer. Natural remedies after chemotherapy can control this problem for many patients.   

5. Dental Problems

Tooth decay is common in recovering cancer patients due to their weakened immunity. It is caused due to the growing bacteria culture in the mouth. By eliminating alcohol from your diet and brushing 2-3 times a day, this problem may be avoided.  

6. Oral Ulcers

Ulcers in the oral cavity are common for many leukemia patients. By taking sufficient care of your oral hygiene, this risk can be minimized.

7. Bowel Issues

Consistent diarrhea can cause further weight loss and weakness in leukemia patients. Natural remedies for leukemia help control this issue and improve recovery.

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