The Underrated Benefits of Organic Chinese Tea

The Underrated Benefits of Organic Chinese Tea

Drinking organic tea is mostly a cultural thing in various parts of the world, but the many benefits offered by teas cannot be ignored. Chinese organic teas can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. The Chinese Emperor Shen Nong discovered them circa 2738 BC. Teas are one of the seven necessities of life in Chinese culture and are enjoyed more frequently for healthy living than for quenching thirst.

Organic teas are considered a staple in Buddhist philosophy as well. It's believed that tea can aid meditation by clearing the head, and this observation is now backed by science. Researchers worldwide now dispel the urban myth surrounding tea being dehydrating due to its caffeine content. In fact, they have revealed that tea contains antioxidants and polyphenols such as Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) to prevent the oxidation of cells that cause free radicals and lead to a chain reaction that negatively affects our body. Let's look at a few more benefits offered by organic Chinese tea.

#1- Aids Weight Loss

Studies reveal that people who drink organic teas tend to have smaller waistlines and lower BMIs than non-tea drinkers. Studies have revealed that organic teas help blood vessels dilate properly and reduce the risk of strokes caused by arterial clogging. The teas improve cholesterol levels and inhibit the production of free radicals in the arteries lining.

#2- Anti-inflammatory Properties

Organic Chinese teas are loaded with essential nutrients and polyphenols with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They help prevent several illnesses, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Research shows that organic teas contain tannins and alkylamine antigens that are natural immunity boosters, enhancing our ability to fight common viruses such as influenza.

#3- Cancer Protection

The high quantity of antioxidants found in organic teas has shown to be effective in warding off several forms of cancer, especially prostate, breast, colon, and ovarian cancer.

#4- Increased Muscle Endurance

Those looking to boost energy and prolong their workouts to get fit faster can fuel their sessions with organic teas, as they help burn body fat more readily and enhance stamina significantly.


#5- Healthy Teeth, Gums, and Bones

Organic teas are especially helpful for optimizing bone health as they improve bone density and strengthen the bones in the long run. The naturally occurring fluoride in organic teas also helps prevent plaque build-up, which, in turn, helps promote healthy teeth and gums.

#6- Boosted Brain Power

The anti-aging effects of organic teas are not limited to a supple and brighter skin tone. Chinese teas considerably help ward off the effects of various neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia and Alzheimers.

#7- Regulated Blood Sugar Levels

Many compounds found in organic teas help improve the metabolization of sugars in our bodies, which proves beneficial for people struggling with obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Enjoy The Pure Goodness of Organic Chinese Teas

Organic Chinese teas have been consumed by people worldwide for centuries. While some prefer the drink for its impeccable taste, others like to enjoy healthy herbal teas with the countless benefits of drinking a cup or two every day.

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