What Is the Best Mushroom to Fight Cancer?

What Is the Best Mushroom to Fight Cancer?

The side effects of chemotherapy are worse than the overwhelming diagnosis of cancer. It causes hair loss, fatigue, easy bleeding or bruising, nausea, anemia, infection, and changes in appetite. In essence, cancer treatment with chemotherapy affects the immune system.

To combat this issue, natural chemotherapy treatment methods have emerged. Mushroom is one of them. Although they have been around for centuries, their benefits have been discovered recently.

Mushrooms To Fight Cancer

In China and Japan, medicinal mushrooms are used as a natural supplement to treat cancer. In the past ten years, 2000 research studies have focused on the role of mushrooms in fighting cancer. A plethora of mushrooms is available, some of which are easily available in grocery stores.

Common mushrooms include maitake, turkey tail, reishi, shitake, and Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM). ABM offers superior results in cancer treatment.

Agaricus blazei Murill (ABM)

Agaricus is a fungus – originally found in Brazil; hence the name Brazilian Sun-Mushroom – is grown in China, Brazil, and Japan. Chemical-containing solution is extracted from the plant, which is then used as medicine.

It’s an alternative drug to treat many health conditions, including diabetes, hepatitis, cardiac disease, increased cholesterol,  and cancer. The extract contains agaritine which induces antitumor effects to treat cancer cells.

ABM’s Anti-Cancer Abilities

Over half a million Japanese believe in the positive effect of ABM to prevent cancer. Herbal treatments are common among cancer patients. 1/3rd of patients use alternative and complementary medicine, including natural chemotherapy treatment, to improve the immune system and side effects of chemo.

Agaricus extracts contain polysaccharides that have anti-cancer abilities. These components of ABM have antimutagenic, immunostimulating, and direct anti-cancer effects. All of these compounds are believed to have synergetic or additive effects in treating or preventing cancer.

Clinical Studies

Several research studies report the promising impact of ABM to treat or supplement cancer treatment. One of the clinical trials conducted in South Korea shows a positive impact. One hundred patients who received chemotherapy and Agaricus exhibited significant improvements such as:

  • Improvements in appetite
  • The decline in feelings of nausea and sickness
  • Improvements in mental stability
  • Reduction in insomnia
  • Improvement in body strength

The results show that Agaricus reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. By adding it as a supplement or alternative treatment, cancer patients can improve their immune systems.

Side Effects

Solutions containing Agaricus extracts are considered safe. None of the studies draws any causal relationship between the use of Agaricus extracts and negative impact. The findings suggest that medicinal mushrooms like Agaricus Blazei Murrill may benefit health due to their anti-cancer compounds.

Herbal Teas For Chemo Patients at ABM Tea

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