Father's Day Gift Ideas for a Dad Who Loves Tea

Father's Day Gift Ideas for a Dad Who Loves Tea

You don't need any specific day to express your love to your father, but making him feel valued on Father's Day has its own charm.

From sharing the love for the same sports team to grilling BBQ on Saturday evenings, your father is the most special man in your life with whom you share many memories. Although they're not as expressive as mothers, just being with them is comforting. This year, surprise him with a gift and show how much he means to you.

Father's Day is on 19th June 2022, so make sure you save the date and decide on a gift. Whether your dad loves drinking herbal teas or is hard to please, here are some thoughtful gifts that he'll love. 

Personalized Oversized Mug

There's something extraordinary about mugs for tea lovers. They love collecting different mugs and only drink from them. Personalized mugs make it even more special by adding a thoughtful message, picture, fun design, or a fond memory for you and your father. Another benefit of oversized mugs is they offer more tea than usual small cups, all the more reason to gift to a tea lover.

Matcha Tea Set

Whether your dad loves matcha or jumping in on the trend, he'd love to receive a matcha tea set from you. It's super convenient and has everything you need to make a nice cup of green matcha tea. This seat usually includes a matcha whisk called chasen, bamboo teaspoons and chasaku, a ceramic bowl, etc.

Most matcha drinkers prefer using these tools, especially the matcha whisk, because it has more prongs than a standard whisk. These added prongs blend the powder effortlessly without clumps, and the bamboo material prevents scratches on the bowl.

Matcha also has many health benefits and is a great alternative to coffee. It contains caffeine but has no side effects because of other compounds like L-theanine.

Travel Collapsible Portable Kettle

These portable and collapsible kettles are super convenient for traveling or camping and a perfect gift if your dad is a frequent traveler or has an adventure-seeking soul. It works like a normal kettle and folds into a compact size that can be carried in a backpack or suitcase. Some foldable kettles also have electrical features, making it easier to brew fresh tea.

Why don't you take your dad for a hike, set up a camp, and enjoy a fine relaxing tea in the mountains? Sounds like a perfect Father's Day celebration!

Automated Tea Maker

What's better than waking up in the morning to an automated machine making tea for you? Thanks to technology, these tea makers have made every tea lover's life easy. These machines have a water reservoir, tea steeping basket, temperature control, WiFi connection, and voice control. So your dad can make a tea with a few taps on his phone or just ask Alexa, Google Home, or any other voice assistant to make it.

Although tea making isn't a difficult process, sometimes people are running late or are too tired or sick to make it. The addition of an automated tea maker will make every family member's life convenient.

Tea Phone Covers

Custom phone covers are playful, artsy, and an excellent option for gifting someone special. You can choose a tea-related pun or picture and add it to a phone cover. No matter how silly it is, your dad will have a big smile on his face.

Classic Whistling Tea Kettle

If your dad is old-school, give him a classic whistling tea kettle to enhance his tea-making experience. There's nothing more satisfying than the sound of it for a tea lover; it's nostalgic and beautiful. The latest kettles are equipped with many features and are available in premium quality materials and bold colors.

Sweet Tea Vodka

Sweet tea vodka is the perfect beverage to beat the heat in summer, and your dad will love it. It combines the southern sweet tea and adds a twist of vodka to make things more fun. You can make it at home, but they are also available in ready-to-drink options. Just pour over ice and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

Assorted Tea Selection

Besides the standard tea flavors, there are many unique blends loved and consumed in different parts of the world. You and your dad can enjoy all these flavors right from the comfort of your home with assorted tea selection boxes. These sets have tea leaves grown from different countries and have a visible taste different, offering a new experience with each sip.

Healthy Mushroom Tea Extracts

Besides cocktails and tech gadgets, it's also important to gift your dad something healthy. The tea itself is quite healthy, and it becomes even more beneficial when extracted from nutritious plants such as Agaricus Blazei Murill. It belongs to the mushrooms family and originated from Brazil, and now many countries are consuming it to reap its numerous health benefits.

Agaricus Blazei Murill tea, also known as ABM tea, is good for reducing stress, inflammation, blood sugar, and many other health problems.

You can get ABM tea in its purest form from our website. Buy these tea extracts online, and we will deliver them to your dad's doorstep for a lovely Father's Day surprise. If you want to learn more about Agaricus mushroom, contact us.

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