How to Throw a Tea Party Picnic This Summer

How to Throw a Tea Party Picnic This Summer

Picnics are one of the annual joys of summer that bring all the friends and family together. It gets even better when you choose a theme for your picnic, like a tea party. While you attend and host many tea parties now and then, bringing them outdoors on a picnic takes them to a new level. 

Planning a tea picnic involves more than just grabbing some food and drinks and driving to your favorite spot. Choosing fun activities and curating a unique three-course menu can elevate your picnic, and your guests will love it.

Whether you’re planning a romantic afternoon with your significant other or a fun day with friends and family, here’s a complete guide to throwing the perfect tea party picnic this summer:

Choose a Tea

Before planning other stuff on the menu, you must decide on tea options first. Which tea you’d like to serve, hot or cold? Traditional or herbal tea? You can choose multiple options if you invite multiple people to the picnic. For hot tea, you will need to bring a thermos and a pitcher for the cold brew and ice cubes.

Pick a Wine

Picnics are incomplete without some sparkling wine; the good thing about them is that they taste great with iced tea. For example, a chardonnay pairs well with green tea, and herbal teas like rooibos taste great with Merlot wines. Make sure you bring your favorite wine and tea pairing to enjoy with grapes and cheese.

Pack Tea Gadgets

Instead of preparing tea before, you can also make fresh tea on the spot to enjoy a delicious cuppa. Many tea gadgets allow you to make tea without a stove or a traditional kitchen, such as travel-friendly compact electric kettles, infusers, cups, etc. Pack all the stuff you’ll need to brew and steep tea and serve your guests.

Picnic Accessories

While packing the tea gadgets, don’t forget the picnic accessories. Take plates, utensils, napkins, picnic blankets, baskets, music speakers, and optional décor items such as flowers, candles, candle holders, etc. Pack fancy tea sets and table napkins to give your picnic table the true tea-party feels. Don’t forget to take a camera with you to capture beautiful photographs of everything and cherish this picnic forever.

Bring Scones

It’s tried and tested that tea always tastes better with scones. You can make your own scones or get store-bought ones—either version makes a perfect treat for a picnic. If you want the true tea experience, get tea-flavored scones with unique toppings instead of the standard ones.

Charcuterie Boards

A picnic table is never complete without a fancy charcuterie board. This board is completely customizable, so you can add your favorite cheese, nuts, cured meats, spreads, crackers, etc. Some savory things that pair well with tea are sandwiches, cheddar and tomato, smoked salmon, and fresh cucumber slices.

Pick a Main Course

If you’re going to spend a few hours, you should pack something other than teas and treats. There are many fuss-free main course items that you can take on a picnic and don’t need much prep, such as pasta salads, wraps and sandwiches, focaccia bread with dips, tuna melt, etc.

Dessert is a Must

Whether you’re drinking fruity iced tea or hot black tea, pairing it with some dessert makes the experience pleasurable. You can take shortbread cookies, strawberry cheesecake, classic chocolate fudge cake, croissants, macaroons, and the options are endless.

Make sure you take specific desserts that go with your selected teas. Read more about the perfect tea and dessert pairings for your picnic spread.

Don’t Forget the Fruits

The summer season brings a lot of fresh tropical fruits that add some life to your picnic spread. You can add them to your dessert or iced tea or eat them on their own and feel an instant boost of positive energy. Some good options for a tea picnic are watermelons, grapes, cherries, nectarines, and different kinds of berries and apples. Cut them beforehand and serve during dessert time.

Bring Something to Do

Other than eating delicious treats and sipping tea, you also should plan some other fun activities for a picnic. Bring board games, books, sand castle construction, and coloring books for kids. Even the most ordinary activities feel great when picnicking on a nice summer afternoon.

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