The Best Tea Gadgets for Tea Lovers

The Best Tea Gadgets for Tea Lovers

The history of tea goes back thousands of years, and it's still a well-loved beverage all over the globe. It comes with a wide range of flavors, each with a distinct aroma and benefit. From relaxing chamomile to healthy Agaricus Blazei Murill tea, there are so many flavors that you can enjoy or use as natural remedies. Every region has its way of making tea. The Japanese prefer bitter matcha tea, whereas Americans like sugary tea treats. Nevertheless, they all share the same love for tea.

Thanks to technology and innovations, you can find many convenient and functional accessories, smart equipment, and gadgets that enhance the overall tea drinking experience and benefits.  

This post will spill the tea on some of the best gadgets you need to get your hands on.

A Fancy Tea Set

Most tea lovers or women, in general, have a habit of collecting beautiful tea sets. They are elegant, fancy, and exquisite additions to the tableware during soirees. Besides their attractive appeal, drinking tea from ceramic teacups is beneficial for your health.

A tea set isn't merely a way of having tea. It allows tea lovers to show off their best cutlery when having guests over. Whether you need a gift for your mom or have a Bridgerton-inspired tea party, a fancy tea set is a must-have product.

Whistling Tea Kettle

The timeless whistle of a tea kettle can transport you to the classic 90s movies. Nothing brings more pleasure than the sound of a whistling tea kettle, it's beautiful, nostalgic, and something every tea lover should have.

Today's whistling tea kettles do more than whistle. They come with many handy features, including high-quality material, trigger-action lids, gooseneck spouts, and temperature control.

Travel Collapsible Kettle

Whether you're traveling to some other part of the world or going for a camping adventure, electric travel-friendly kettles always come in handy. 

Traditional kettles are large, heavy, and fragile, and they aren't suitable for traveling. But with a travel-friendly kettle, you can make your tea anywhere. These kettles are made with silicon and collapse into a compact and portable device that you can easily carry in a backpack or a bag.

Once you reach your destination or a hotel room, brew your delicious tea by unpacking it to its original size. They have enough size to make two cups (or more) of tea. 

Therapeutic Bath Tea

Enjoying a warm cup of tea while bathing in a tea tub sounds like a tea lover's dream! If you don't already know this, you can reap the healing benefits of tea leaves by adding them to your bathtub.

Baths play a significant role in self-care and relaxation. With some nice therapeutic tea baths, you can unlock new levels of relaxation and luxury. Each herbal tea has a different benefit for your body and skin, such as:

  • Green tea bath helps in relieving redness and muscle pain and also has excellent anti-aging properties
  • Black tea helps in cleansing the skin and tightens and closes the pores.
  • Chamomile is the ultimate relaxing tea, perfect for nighttime baths after a stressful day. It also has antibacterial properties, so it helps with healing scars and marks.
  • Rose tea is loaded with antioxidants that tone and nourish your skin. It has the same calming effect as a rose petal soak.

Most bathing tea comes with a blend of herbs, flowers, and teas. Each ingredient is packed with skin benefits and offers a luxurious and aromatic bath time. Treat yourself or your significant other with this perfect tea gift.

Tea Pots

Although a tea lover will already own one, getting a new teapot always makes them happy. The whole process of brewing tea in a pot is so therapeutic; its aroma fills the room and tells everyone that it's tea time. These pots are specifically made to offer high heat retention, so your tea stays hot for longer. They have a cold handle, so you don't burn your hands while handling the pot.

One-Touch Tea Maker

While making tea in a pot is quite fascinating, sometimes people don't have the time to go through each step. One-touch tea makers offer convenience and prepare delicious cups of tea while working on other things. You only need to add water, load your leaves, and select the desired temperature and other settings to get an immaculately infused brew.

Electric Smart Tea Kettle

Nowadays, almost every home appliance has the innovative technology to offer convenience to the user, and you can also get a tech-savvy tea kettle to optimize the brewing process. These kettles come with Wi-Fi and voice control, so you can tell Alexa (or any other voice-controlled virtual assistant) to start making tea while you're in the shower or the middle of work. 

Other features include smart temperature control and different preset temperatures to make tea accordingly and control the temperature from your phone. If you've got a tea lover who appreciates convenient tech gadgets, an electric smart tea kettle is the perfect gift.

Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Iced tea is a perfect summer drink enjoyed by everyone in the family. Cold-brew tea bottles come with a mesh filter and a compact size that easily fits in your fridge. Pop all the ingredients in the bottle, brew it overnight, and enjoy it the next day. Due to their compact size and sturdy material, you can also travel with these bottles to enjoy iced tea on the go.

Tea Infuser

Tea infusers are handy devices made with stainless steel and mesh exterior, allowing you to infuse tea leaves into hot water without any mess or straining. Pack your tea leaves tightly into the infuser or steeper, add them into hot water and watch the flavor seeping beautifully into the brew. It's quite convenient and therapeutic, and you can have a freshly brewed cup of tea anywhere.

Beverage Tumbler

Beverage tumblers are multi-purpose bottles that you can use for any drink, from plain water to iced teas. These bottles are innovatively designed with insulation properties to maintain the temperature of hot and cold drinks, so you enjoy each sip of your tea. They also have a leakproof lid to carry them around without fearing leakage.

Some tumblers also come with an extra lid and straw for convenient drinking, and they are made from BPA-free plastic or glass, perfectly safe for your health and environment. They make a perfect gift because you can personalize it into any design and color, add pictures, a favorite quote, name, or some cool design.

Portable Travel Tea Set

during traveling, tea lovers struggle to find a nice cup of tea with the right flavors and intensity. While some countries offer some of the best tea globally, other places don't even come close. A portable tea set is an excellent addition to your gadgets to enjoy your favorite tea on the go.

You don't have to rely on airport tea packets and polystyrene cups; these travel sets have everything in a compact size that you can easily carry in your backpack and suitcases.

Tea-Inspired Accessories

Another way to share your love for tea with the world is by owning some cool tea-inspired accessories. You can get shirts with tea-related prints, paper pins shaped as tea mugs, magnets, coasters, and anything that comes in handy and has a cute design.

Warming Coasters

Did you know that you can keep your team warm for a long time with a coaster? All you need to do is warm them in a microwave for a few seconds and place your cup over it; it will keep the tea warm when you're ready to drink them.

These warming coasters come in various prints and designs and are the perfect addition to your work desk. Some of these coasters also include scent, so the heat from the cup activates and releases the refreshing scent in the room, enhancing your tea drinking experience.

Smart Mug

If you've more budget and fancy a nice tech gadget, get a smart mug instead of warming coasters.

Tea getting hot to lukewarm to cold is every morning's story and is quite frustrating. With a smart mug, you can say goodbye to reheating your tea in the microwave. Smart mugs activate a heating system when you place them on the coaster, keeping your brew at the desired temperature. It's straightforward and lets you savor each sip without worrying about the tea getting cold.

Tea Advent Calendar

Different brands offer their tea advent calendar containing 12, 24, or 30 individual tea packets (depending on the theme and occasion). The idea behind these calenders is to offer one teabag for each day or month to treat yourself to various new flavors every day.

These calendars are designed explicitly with tea lovers in mind and have beautiful graphics. So you're getting fancy tea flavors with even fancier packaging.

Matcha Tea Whisk

Matcha is a delicious and high-quality powdered tea from East Asia that many people love because it gives an energetic caffeine fix and many other health benefits. Unlike a standard whisk, matcha tea whisk (also known as chasen) is made of bamboo and consists of more prongs. It helps make matcha tea by suspending and separating the powder quickly without clumping. The added pongs froth your match, enhancing its taste, while the bamboo material keeps the bottom of the vessel free from scratches.

If you still haven't tried matcha, you're missing out! Get yourself some matcha tea and a chasen to enjoy something new and delicious.

Oversized Tea Mug

Get an oversized tea mug instead of going back and forth to the kitchen for refills. They are super convenient and pair great with warming coasters. You don't have to worry about refilling or reheating your tea.

Don't Forget the Tea!

While shopping for nice gadgets, don't forget to get your hands on some nice tea leaves other than your regular tea flavor. Agaricus Blazei Murill, also known as Agaricus mushroom, has many benefits for your health. It has been used in traditional medicine in East Asian countries and has quickly gained popularity in the West.

ABM tea is the most effective way to enjoy the benefits of Agaricus mushrooms. Traditionally, people in Brazil used it as a natural remedy for heart issues, liver problems, and even cancer. People worldwide are consuming this tea packed with amino acids, natural immunity boosters, vitamins, and minerals. Some of its significant benefits include:

· Relieves Stress and Depression

Although tea helps you relax and lowers stress levels, ABM tea has shown the same effects as anti-depressant medicines. It increases serotonin, a hormone associated with mood and cognitive function, promoting happiness and relaxation.

· Reducing the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

One of the major benefits of ABM tea is lessening the effect of chemotherapy, such as weakness, mental health issues, loss of appetite, etc. Research shows that people undergoing therapy took ABM extract and experienced fewer adverse side effects. Although the benefits of Agaricus mushroom for cancer and chemotherapy need more research, the existing studies have shown promising results.

· Insulin Resistance

People with diabetes can drink ABM tea to manage blood sugar. It increases the effect of drugs such as metformin and gliclazide and helps deal with insulin resistance.

· Cold, Fever, or Sore Throat

ABM extracts have beta-glucans that offer natural immune system modulation. They help your body fight infections and bacteria and reduce the symptoms of seasonal cold, flu, fever, and other symptoms.

· Hepatitis B

ABM is used as a herbal tea for hepatitis patients because it stabilizes and improves their liver function. Although chronic Hepatitis B doesn't have any cure, using this tea can help people manage the symptoms and enhance their life's quality.

Besides illness, you can also enjoy this tea to enjoy its relaxing and immunity-boosting effects. We are leading suppliers of ABM tea extract made with 100% natural ingredients. You can shop online and get this amazing herbal tea delivered to your doorstep. Reach out to us for more details on Agaricus mushrooms.

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